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  • don't panic
    don't panic

    The kingsmen church fight was one of the most impressive and creative fights I saw in a movie

  • kahlzun

    couldnt they have just got the actor to wear a Mark Hamill mask, Mission Impossible style, and then deepfaked on top of that? That way you're starting with something -close-

  • Jay Aull
    Jay Aull

    You should react to rookie stuff, like small creators on ISdowns:)

  • Thato Gololo
    Thato Gololo

    What movie was the sleeping dogs fight inspired by? I want to go it?

  • Mike Choe
    Mike Choe

    Niko looks like Iron Fist

  • Sphiwe Mogatle
    Sphiwe Mogatle

    Have you guys ever reacted to stunts and VFX in Aquaman. Quality VFX in there and a one take rooftop scene

  • Josh S.
    Josh S.

    Preacher on AMC has some great fights

  • aLex Naturalis
    aLex Naturalis

    I remember seeing the original with much anticipation, at the time I was such a computer geek. I even took the time to write my first ever movie review online, I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. The graphics and novelty completely blew me away but the story was somewhat lacking, I wanted more. The new version was very much a fulfilling and satisfying story 5/5 stars! It didn't have the novelty element but the upgraded background and graphics, the lightjet dogfight as the "new" gimmick lightcycle battle, were true to Tron aesthetics while still being fresh. Nice job, waited decades for this!

  • Nitrox

    Yeeeees they did Shanghai Knights !!!

  • Wyatt Williams
    Wyatt Williams

    Them: going crazy about Steppenwolf stepping in water. Me: "it RRALLY looks like his left foot comes out of the water as he steps, yet you still see a huge splash from it"

  • Gynecologist

    Lol. I remember using this at U of M when it came out

  • Tech News for Tech Noobs
    Tech News for Tech Noobs

    I am honestly surprised y'all haven't done the Mike Tyson vs Donnie Yen fight from Ip Man 3. That is an AMAZING fight scene highlighting what both of these men can do...and yes, I give Mike IMMENSE respect for still being able to showcase how fast and powerful he still is. The elevator fight scene is also amazing for the long overhead shot of the two men fighting while descending a stairwell. Just superb cinematography and choreography all around here.

  • Jurmi Sangay
    Jurmi Sangay

    One take fight scene. Film : war (Bollywood) Actor : tiger shroff, hrithik roshan Fight scene : beginning one

  • Andrés Mereles
    Andrés Mereles

    So much tecnology and the first its really better, the second its like stupid only. T2 its smooth, he is a machine made of metal, doesnt need the bubble gum effect or anything. The worst thing is that now they cannot make a movie that can be seen 2 years later and they were makinkg movies that can be seen today

  • Robert Settles
    Robert Settles

    I've always wanted to hear Corridor's take on the fight scene between Roddy Piper, and Keith David in "They Live".

  • Ben Warhol
    Ben Warhol

    The first critique of that first swordfight, realistically, is 'fire the director' because its problems are largely design choices that are incompatible with quality. Can't say that, of course, because Hollywood means having to work with people again, and fragile egos are a major concern. That scene either needed to be lit properly to allow for there to be something to watch, or if it was shot that way because it was going to be trash for time constraints, it needed to... not be. Either find a way to do something that will work visually, even if that needs more time, or find a way not to have to do the scene. Preempt the fight somehow (interruption, Indiana Jones and the 'naaah' pistol shot, whatever) rather than doing it badly.

  • Oliver Hollingdale (Sunnymeade Films)
    Oliver Hollingdale (Sunnymeade Films)

    Hanna - One take with Eric Bana!

  • Mr. Lanier
    Mr. Lanier

    Gui is the man.

  • Charles Majorson
    Charles Majorson

    The somber bookcase contextually end because motorcycle counterintuitively haunt versus a wide-eyed playground. handy, noiseless zebra

  • Simon McPhee
    Simon McPhee

    React to rocky

  • Wahid Shofauzadi
    Wahid Shofauzadi

    Do you want long take fight scene? so watch "The Night Come For Us" final fight Iko Uwais vs Joe Taslim

  • Emett Bulley
    Emett Bulley

    The long shot in universal soldier the reckoning with Scott Adkins is a solid long shot

  • pyeclam

    Holy shit, EMC monkey still exists? I remember when they had that awesome parkour video from years ago

  • Louis Duda
    Louis Duda


  • DESI-F0

    OMG!! THAT was insane,I mean it👏👏

  • Rasheeda Sultana
    Rasheeda Sultana

    The scale of dinosaurs Raptors T rex Brachiosaurus Australatitan And many more

  • Mezcal Buzz
    Mezcal Buzz

    Not a huge Star Wars fan, but knocked out the Mandalorian and loved it. Nice job you did on the CGI!!

  • Aleix Ruiz
    Aleix Ruiz

    You have to react to Bourne vs Desh from Bourne Ultimatum, that is some sick fight involving some close combat.

  • GideonGamer

    Not a fight scene but the one-take shootout in Hard-Boiled is epic.

  • LegendaryAlex

    I liked iron fist :(

  • Rodrigo O. Krindges
    Rodrigo O. Krindges

    React to the opening of Lakai Fully Flared

  • Mizino: In Over My Head.
    Mizino: In Over My Head.

    I love how you guys say never do a master then talk about both Bruce lee and Jackie Chan both of whom advocate as few cuts in their fight scenes as possible. Jackie references Buster Keaton and Fred Astaire as big influences for how he shoots fight scenes, both of them liked to shoot in one long continuous take, same for Jackie. The ladder fight in who am I is a long take with a couple of close shots mixed in. One of Jackie’s worlds records is a master shot that took something like 300 takes to get. Fight scenes and dance scenes should be shot with as few cuts as possible. It’s very much a challenge to get a fight to look right when you are constantly cutting in and out. It makes it look more fake.

  • Tim Koenders
    Tim Koenders

    are they really calling David Baker just a dude?

  • Ian Roche
    Ian Roche

    “I’m playing Skyrim again” 😂

  • Simon McPhee
    Simon McPhee

    Get Jackie Chan on the show

  • Shade Parker
    Shade Parker

    There's quite a fun one-shot from the youtube group VLDL's Baelin's Route. It's a pretty fun 30ish second one takeat around the 19 minute mark, which looks really quite cool and is well worth a watch.

  • Undead Corsair
    Undead Corsair

    Stairwell fight from Atomic Blonde.

  • Jeff Sorensen
    Jeff Sorensen

    Seriously, why isn't there a catagory at the Oscars? WTF.

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan

    React to the one take scene in the beginning of Ryan Vs. Dorkman 2. It’s a lightsaber fight. And it’s pretty cool.

  • Taz_Blue

    Please react to the one take from Daredevil season 1

  • Gwise

    A One Take example for you guys if you're interested: There's a an action sequence in the new season (Season 2 Ep. 6: Martyrs) of The Family Man (Amazon Prime) that's actually a pretty cool shootout that rapidly escalates in tension throughout the scene.

  • Vinicio Vieira dos Santos
    Vinicio Vieira dos Santos

    at least it wasn't 5 miles, now how much is 0.1 nm in imperial system

  • caron davis
    caron davis

    Gotta bring tommy the white power ranger to react to some

  • Susan King
    Susan King

    Black summer one shots. I just finished season 2 so I don't remeber much of season 1 but there are so many one shots throughout the show specifically from the second season episode 1 and 8 most memorably

  • Hunter Carstensen
    Hunter Carstensen

    I think Kevin is the Jigsaw Killer. One in Home alone 2 he uses that recording thing just like Jigsaw and two he sets up traps that would kill you in real life.

  • Jeff Larry
    Jeff Larry

    into the badlands

  • Eric Arriola
    Eric Arriola

    I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that the Church scene in The Kingsman: The Secrect Service and the final fight of The kingsman: The Golden Circle were one takes, and fantastic ones.

  • WarlikeElephant

    The advancements in CG in quidditch matches

  • AlasdairShutt

  • Scull Joestar
    Scull Joestar

    2:16 my hero ost :0

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan

    I loved SYNC the movie. I wish they’d do another.


    Chuck Norris doesn't do push ups. He pushes earth down.

  • Sei

    I have a perfect one take movie to react!!! the name is Crazy Samurai Musashi(狂武蔵)and it has 1 hours long one shot!! after action scene starts, the protagonist beats more than 400 people without any cuts for more than an hour. this is a Samurai movie so that you can enjoy many sword choreography. I gonna be so happy if you react to this movie. this is a Japanese movie released in 2020. this is an interesting and challenging action movie, though I honestly board after watching action scenes for 30 minutes.

  • Peter Docter
    Peter Docter

    Crazy Samurai Musashi

  • Okashi Ad
    Okashi Ad

    Hardcore Henry! Also Kung Fury PLEASE!!!

  • WarlikeElephant

    I love it when wren asks “so. How do you think they did that shot”

  • stygiansabyss

    I was watching birds of prey recently (the Harley Quinn movie) and while the final fight sequences were weak, the stunts with her on rollerblades attacking the cars were really interesting and dangerous looking. Could be fun to react to those.

  • garrettation

    Can't remember if it's been covered before, but the highway chase from Raid 2 where they pass the camera through the car. Soooo good!

  • lasarith2

    There a film on called, How the west was won , there’s a big scene where the Indians are chasing the wagons , there a lot of stunts there worth mentioning.

  • BinAmBacken

    The church scene from Kingsman

  • ꧁༒Charlest༒꧂

    Legend has it Chuck Norris once saw a dead deer in the middle of the road with a kid yearning by its side. Chuck Norris, the merciful, then scrubbed his bear against the deer and sudddenly life was brought back into the now happy and vivid animal. Then Chuck Norris did a flying spinning high kick and broke the deers neck. Moral of the story: ''What Chuck gives, Chuck takes.''

  • mango


  • Crixus Lance
    Crixus Lance

    Jans was an ex mafia, he cut his pinky to leave mafia so he could work for corridor crew

  • MJ Praetorian
    MJ Praetorian

    React to some Racka Racka stuff please

  • Kojar Art
    Kojar Art

    He fears the spiders just like me

  • SaadTheLegend

    You guys need to see the Aquaman scene where Black Manta fights Arthur for the first time.

  • Anthony George
    Anthony George

    Kingsman one shot scenes please!!

  • shan shanu
    shan shanu

    One shot scene: Mollywood movie angamaly diaries climax scene (Indian Movie language: Malayalam) . Available in Netflix

  • M99

    60s Batman did all his fights himself and in one take

  • Initial_ZEN

    Love the chemistry with these 3. Gui is a national treasure lol.

  • Terrell Jones
    Terrell Jones

    This Whole moment with you guys and gals... So Chill, So Smooth, I Fucking Need Some Champagne and Cheese/Crackers. Maybe grab a burger and watch this with Enhanced Enjoyment on my face with Tears. Basically in One Whole Word GOODSHIT 🌹 👑

  • James V
    James V

    The main reason why Iron Fist was bad was because they focused way to much on Collen Wing. It felt like a bait and switch

  • Meelek Edits
    Meelek Edits

    i just realized how amazing all those jackie movies are that i loved to watch as a kid

  • Steven Baist
    Steven Baist

    The Prison fight one-take from the Raid 2 is pretty impressive and it would be very nice if you could react to it.

  • Ortegamigs817

    If you're thinking of talking about one takes, you gotta talk about the 11-minute scene from season 3, episode 4 from Daredevil. The prison scene. It might be the best one take I've scene on any television production, ever.

  • Aqua Sauce
    Aqua Sauce

    The difference between segal and Norris is that chuck actually knows a martial art. Segal just knows how to hold other people while the make themselves fall.

  • LightYagami

    Kingsman 1 church fight scene please :)

  • AntiBaboonDevice

    That Ghostbusters 2 scene is amazing. It scared the shit out of me as a kid too.

  • Anathema To The World
    Anathema To The World

    Daredevil seasons 1-3 all have one-take shots if you want to react to them.