VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 44
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Sam, Niko, and Wren sit down to break down the best (and worst) VFX in your favorite Hollywood movies!

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  • Kevin Roche
    Kevin Roche

    Ok I subscribed.

  • Alex McClellan
    Alex McClellan

    you should react to video game cinematics

  • Vlad Butcovan
    Vlad Butcovan

    9:42 be like: go go power rangers!! 😂😂

  • D No
    D No


  • butters742

    10:10 Arn't we all Flesh Mechs. Since your brain is what makes you... you... The bone, organs, muscles are just surrounding the passenger being you. We are all walking flesh mechs

  • FoolMeHardys

    EVERYTHING Made by Jalex Rosa, his VFX stuff is on point

  • HoodMaguire

    I didn’t like resident evil afterlife because of that specific scene plus it was so weird and annoying of how people copying the matrix dodge

  • p media
    p media

    Attack on Titan director, Shinji Higuchi also co-directed Shin Godzilla, another movie you should do a VFX artists reacts video for

  • Kenneth Quinto
    Kenneth Quinto

    The resident evil part reminds me of most of your films lol

  • Claudio Lima
    Claudio Lima

    React to Casshern movie, plz.

  • The Minister's Son
    The Minister's Son

    I was actually on the toilet while watching this so it surprised when he said we were all eating cheerios on the toilet. Lol

  • Aaron Alexander
    Aaron Alexander

    Check out Ben10

  • Ghillie M.G.
    Ghillie M.G.

    i'v seen people call attack on titan "facist propaganda" before because of the "ethnic cleansing" in it and like, mate, they're giants that eat people

  • Mr.Davidson

    Maybe they mentioned it already, but have any of these guys worked on actual films or are they just guys who know how to do visual effects and that's it?

  • WickedLucky200

    React to shrek

  • Andy Drake
    Andy Drake

    I know it's make up/animatronics - but have you guys done the werewolf transformation from An American Werewolf in London (1981)?

  • Raw LAHiabetes
    Raw LAHiabetes

    its sad they fucked over resident evil by literally ripping the scenes directly from the games being super unoriginal...

  • Sentenial Beats
    Sentenial Beats

    Have any of these guys actually worked on a popular movie ?

  • GrizzlyArtist

    Please do the forest fight scene from "Warcraft" 2016!

  • Thor Forsell
    Thor Forsell

    I don't subscribe because I can only put up with one video in a week at most. Because of all the commercials. You cant have long plugs for your own merch, for subscriptions AND dynamic commercials, its just too distracting, shame on such great content.

  • Chhabi Goswami
    Chhabi Goswami

    Please do Bollywood react on Krissh and Krissh 3

  • Niket Mhatre
    Niket Mhatre

    Rather than reacting, why you guys don’t make some good stuff??

  • Well umm
    Well umm

    Have they done an episode with the 096 short film? I honestly feel that the vfx in that are amazing or at least pretty good.

  • ericseguin

    React to the VFX or Flight of the Navigator! Loved that movie.

  • Razvan Adrian Solea
    Razvan Adrian Solea

    Not subscribed. but am still seeing a lot of you guys ? :P

  • Ben 10 Productions
    Ben 10 Productions

    We need to see you react to the Ben10 movies vfx

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    Pls do the movie ghost in the shell

  • Kenny

    Love+Death & Robots DOOO IT!!!

  • Kenny

    Love+Death & Robots DOOO IT!!!

  • Morten Stenberg
    Morten Stenberg

    Please do a Dynamo special. The blender stuff he makes is insain.

  • Jameson Hardcastle
    Jameson Hardcastle

    I was definitely eating Cheerios on the toilet!

  • Caleb

    I would love to see you guys watch the final sequence of close encounters

  • ChallengeAccepted

    React to the Minecraft 1.17 trailer animations

  • Sky 5
    Sky 5

    for a Keanu Reeves movie, yall should look at "Replicas" ps: pretty jank

  • Ayush Kamble
    Ayush Kamble

    make one on stuart little

  • chiefbluebear

    I’ve been asking about this one for such a long time…The Aquaman film.

  • R.U.E. Music Productions
    R.U.E. Music Productions

    Corridor Crew, what if you reviewed some of the VFX (if any bc idk) of Zethora? its a childhood movie of mine and I still watch it today to see some of the practical effects and all! :D

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee

    My favorite part of this whole video is kevin giving the I don't give a F#&%K face

  • DMV the Mahesh Fan
    DMV the Mahesh Fan

    Stuart Little

  • Oskar D
    Oskar D

    „The actually had real dogs at the scene…” They had us in the first part ng

  • MilkySoda (MilkyDaddy)
    MilkySoda (MilkyDaddy)

    I mean i am on the toilet

  • Joel Emmins
    Joel Emmins

    Can you guys do the Harry Potter series for a video?!?

  • Prometheus unchained
    Prometheus unchained

    Eight legged freaks. When they enter the mail.

  • theofficial_poanda

    Y’all should react to the new Battlefield trailer

  • Tokyo terrors official
    Tokyo terrors official

    The start of r.i.p.d squad

  • Mats Yoo
    Mats Yoo

    The thermal shot confused me since im european and use celsius and was like why the fuck is his face 100°C that guy is roastbeef

  • Abdelrhman Aladdin
    Abdelrhman Aladdin

    This video have the cleanest most satisfying anime transitions I have ever seen. I think it's worth reacting to in next anime reacting episode. isdowns.info/lift/1KTWn5l8h5ORqtk/v-deo

  • Levi Wolfe
    Levi Wolfe

    React to Sparks! Directed and produced by Chris Folino

  • Connor Wesley
    Connor Wesley

    Please do a reaction to Macro Rooms’s messing with time video!!! Genuinely one of the coolest vfx videos I’ve ever seen🙏🏻

  • JonasBlack

    React to the scene from "RED" where Bruce Willies steps out of a spinning car. That is so effin cool!

  • Hunter Barclay
    Hunter Barclay

    You guys need to check out the remastered Rick Roll and specifically the program they used to turn a low quality video from 2009 to UHD

  • Jaspaul Sandhu
    Jaspaul Sandhu

    It would be amazing to see you do an episode about the VFX in Tales from the Loop - especially any of the scenes with the robots

  • ndstrctbl

    React to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

  • PixelAsh

    React to 2012 airplane scene! I hadn’t seen the movie only the preview…

  • Nomadic Dragon (Turtle Attackzz)
    Nomadic Dragon (Turtle Attackzz)

    Would this be Good or Bad CGI? (Music Video CGI) TONE AND I - DANCE MONKEY //Milana EDITION VERSION BABY DANCE

  • Phil Jeske
    Phil Jeske

    React to the movie Crawl

  • justin mullins
    justin mullins

    Have the done Dredd if not please do it

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    Some of the David Tennant era Doctor Who had some very hit or miss VFX but demonstrates some good story telling... if you're interested

  • Mr. Carroll
    Mr. Carroll

    I know y'all don't do video games, but you should review the new Battlefield 2042 trailer. It's insane!

  • papadok

    Shin Godzilla atomic breath scene!!!

  • Niclas Kupper
    Niclas Kupper

    Please react to Dune 1984

  • Rob Franklin
    Rob Franklin

    What happened to episode 44. It is no longer on your ISdowns channel. Here is a Star Wars fan film I recommend to watch, A Blaster in the Right Hands. isdowns.info/lift/mqPMrYucdJiYoq8/v-deo

  • harvey johnson
    harvey johnson

    React to the euro 2020 opening ceremony! They CGI a bunch of giant balloons flying out of a hatch in the pitch and it's done so poorly

  • Guest Jr
    Guest Jr

    You guys should react to Superman and Lois CGI

  • Lucas Cooper
    Lucas Cooper

    Please tell me how the shot at 7:10 in the first 8 minutes of In the Heights was done!!!! It blows my mind!!!! (isdowns.info/lift/nX-ki2uDdKmgoLs/v-deo)

  • Chris Duncan
    Chris Duncan

    You guys have to check out Orphan Black. It's a single actress playing multiple roles (clones) and they interact with each other a lot. They dance together and hold hands and whatnot.

  • Kevin Joseph Hendry
    Kevin Joseph Hendry

    Holyyy they caught me 😂

  • Koen DBLR
    Koen DBLR

    Gemini Man (2019) with Will Smith and all his clones. Especially the motorcycle chase scene, there are some weird things happening to Will's head

    • Steven Borg
      Steven Borg

      i think they did that already

  • Amatöridrottaren

    I came to think of the ending of Sons of Anarchy. Wasnt this end scene with Jax, very porly made? I mean, why CG blood, and not just pour our som "real" fake blood instead? Please talk about it:) isdowns.info/lift/uoK7f4J7dGeQiLM/v-deo

  • Samuel Arthur
    Samuel Arthur

    vanhelsing transition from man to werewolf, in my memory is pretty fantastic!

  • Sooryanarayanan Chandrasekharan
    Sooryanarayanan Chandrasekharan

    Most of the VFX in "Captain America: The First Avenger" is great. But there is this one single shot at 01:35:07. The facial proprtions look all weird in that shot.

  • squareoaky stewart
    squareoaky stewart

    I think it would be kool to see an episode centered around music videos. My first suggestion is Chop Suey! by System Of A Down. I think it's such an interesting video especially for the times in how they do their effects and would love to see a reaction and break down.

  • Frederik Pultz
    Frederik Pultz

    Check out Ray Harryhausen guys :)

  • Bevan Thomson
    Bevan Thomson

    I just watched 'Playing with time' by Macro Room and got my mind blown! Could you look at that?

  • Shiny Morganizard
    Shiny Morganizard

    Can you please do the last episode of invincible

  • Toska

    Doubt you guy will see this but Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance bad movie but interesting VFX !

  • NightcoreFTW

    react to sol levante as its a completely hand-drawn anime sequence and took two years to make the short

  • Kevin Buranasombati
    Kevin Buranasombati

    Just finished watching The Tourist, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, and MY GOLLY. Boat head bonk scene is gnarly. Please review?!?

  • RyNoX

    React to the sandman birth in spider-man 3

  • Shifu

    “an easy target” 💀 i love the boundaries to not try and offend anyone

  • Geefbird

    I watched "Infinite" this morning. I need you guys to react to a few scenes in that movie. One of them good, and two of them super bad. You can take your pick on the good one since there are several, but for the bad I would like you to do the motorcycle to plane jump, and then take your pick on the second. Trust me, there are plenty to choose from. Have fun!!

    • Geefbird

      @Vilhjalmr Edmundson why because I did what they constantly ask people to do and left a comment requesting that they react to scenes from a movie? What are you new here? Good job on that whole spinning my name thing too, totally never heard that one before. Very original Douchelmr Bagmundson. See that ☝🏼that’s originality.

    • Vilhjalmr Edmundson
      Vilhjalmr Edmundson

      I can literally taste the entitlement in the air around you, Queefbird

  • Tim Sesler
    Tim Sesler

    Please review The Expanse! I'd love to know how they did the Zero G work and the lighting.

  • isurus

    Can you guys do Fight Club? 99 classic, now streaming on Amazon prime. It's got amazing effects for its time.

  • Jack Blacktose
    Jack Blacktose

    Is Battlestate's Raid series on your radar? They nailed the gunfighting sequences in this series!

  • kaydstorm 2004
    kaydstorm 2004

    Idk if it's been done but I recently watch Kung Fu panda 1 and the Tai lung vs shifu finale fight is absolutely beautiful cgi I really wanna see what you guys think on this one seriously

  • Astro Cow
    Astro Cow

    Yo, can you guys PLEASE react to melody sheep's videos. Especially the 'Life Beyond' series. Link: isdowns.info/lift/uZ-nkpmsm6Shiq8/v-deo

  • cloudfootstudio

    The point about things getting smaller is false. If something is twice as far away, it will be half the size. It's 1:1, always. It IS linear, it's just not infinite (because you cannot be infinitely close). The sun an moon appear the same size in the sky because the sun is 400x the size but also 400x the distance.

    • cloudfootstudio

      And something's size never actually goes to zero because it's distance never actually hits infinity.

  • Bhuvan Kasam
    Bhuvan Kasam

    Ready player one please

  • ApocBlack

    Review Macro Rooms’s video “Playing With Time” on ISdowns.

  • Warpstar

    Just got my Green Screen Hoodie and i guess i should have checked the sizing more. got the xxxl thinking it would get bigger length wise too as im 6'3... not just wider.... this sweater is wider than it is long almost.. so just a warning to my fellow tall people. these clothes dont fit us.

  • Dominic Morlino
    Dominic Morlino

    Can you guys react to "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" from Community

  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams

    React to Love Death Robots.

  • Mario Villalobos
    Mario Villalobos

    Kung pow enter the fist!

  • Gaius Ross
    Gaius Ross

    Do the original and superior The Day The Earth Stood Still.

  • Ichirou Takashima
    Ichirou Takashima

    Even Corridor Crew agrees that AoT Live Action Movie sucks, only the CGI is great. The director of AoT needs to suck his ass up and accept that fact. His movie is as bad as the American Dragon Ball Live Action movie.

  • Dscorpio

    Soul plane

  • Areito

    I composited the Day the Earth Stood Still truck destruction shots, fun fact: myself + coworkers invented Deep Compositing to deal with these shots and it was the first time this was ever used in production!

    • Vilhjalmr Edmundson
      Vilhjalmr Edmundson

      👏👏 Well done!

  • Heat Plays
    Heat Plays

    Please do an Animator Reacts to the Chika Dance from Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Just saw this and was astounded to find out there is no 3D work or cloth simulation done. Blew my mind. Apparently was partially rotoscoped, mainly the dress, which is jaw droppingly realistic and all hand drawn. Sadly, I cannot find a solid HD clip, but did find some that had a neutral background and a medium quality clip. I need to see what you guys think of this as I cannot stop watching it. Medium Quality: isdowns.info/lift/uoHcgopijGGDn6s/v-deo White Background: isdowns.info/lift/y2TKamyam2yHiZ4/v-deo Green Screen Background: isdowns.info/lift/uXzdq3GdZH2Po78/v-deo This is special! Key Animation + Live Animation isdowns.info/lift/yI7Vapt-X4dnka8/v-deo Lastly, I watch full episodes on this site which seems to be legit and not torrented: Episode 3 @ 22:22 www.anime-planet.com/anime/kaguya-sama-love-is-war/videos/229892


    How about reacting to Kung Fury, the whole movie is available on ISdowns and it is the greatest movie to exist. Just watch the trailer and you will have to see more.