Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 23
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Niko is joined by stuntmen Aaron Toney and Gui DaSilva to break down some of the craziest stunts in your favorite Hollywood films.


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  • Some Epic Nerd
    Some Epic Nerd

    It would take 2 years for blown up moon chunks to reach earth? I guess that sounds reasonable but I thought that would be a bit too long. Actually wait they probably orbit the earth a few times before crashing which would take up time. They probably do reach earth a lot earlier but then they would orbit

  • Robert Snider
    Robert Snider

    Frank Dux was actually just a giant fraud. But, I dont even care because I love Bloodsport lol. The story is total horseshit, but hey, aren't mostly all movies anyway?

  • Matthew Roman
    Matthew Roman

    Batman Begins has a scene of Batman being lit on fire and then jumping out a very, very high window

  • Honey Springs Homestead
    Honey Springs Homestead

    On fire and thrown through a truck, I got your movie... Sort of. Opening scene of lethal weapon with the guy using the flamethrower that gets shot in the tank and slides into a fuel tanker truck. It's somewhat close, and if anything we get to see a grown man do the chicken dance in their boxers lol.

  • Rick James
    Rick James

    Look up the show StuntDawgs. Terminators stunt double hosted.

  • Zakkary Jenkins
    Zakkary Jenkins

    Fast and Furious 6 has good Fight Scenes and one Stair Stunt

  • Adrian

    I loved this, I feel like having Wren join in on this would've been great too.

  • kieran gookey
    kieran gookey

    Ive watched this 3 times now, imo by far the best stunt man reacts. Such good chemistry, so entertaining and informative

  • General Snarkwit
    General Snarkwit

    Please react to Equilibrium with Christian bale. Gun katas are cool and the last fight scene is awesome.

  • RagnaPork

    Please react to the bike stunts from Rambo: First Blood

  • Herculeshermes9

    Bruh what’s these guys cultivation at

  • Parker Carlisle
    Parker Carlisle

    While it may be a little late, but the first Sherlock Holmes movie with RDJ and Jude Law has a man who is set on fire, jumps through a window, and lands on ye olde truck, a horse carriage.

  • Marcus Gordon
    Marcus Gordon

    You guys should watch clips from Raid

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster

    Love these guys!

  • DeadlyDanDaMan

    Frank Dux is a total fraud and the movie Bloodsport is completely made up in every way. You can find several videos on it here on ISdowns.

  • Walter

    THE REAL FRANK DUX WAS A FRAUD, GUYS! Do some research on him. He's a proven con.

  • SpicyPigeon

    0:02 he go x games mode

  • Dave Dupey
    Dave Dupey

    I just got Rick-rolled by my Alexa

  • pineconequeen

    Have multiple stunt people more often! This was a lot of fun to watch!

  • stobe187

    Bolo Yeung is 70% pecs

  • eksentrysyti

    You can see the wires on this guy at 9:35. Back in the days when post-production was more primitive.

  • IndianaZoidberg

    Broken collarbone? I see you wrecked on your Onewheel

  • Eli Disciple of Christ.
    Eli Disciple of Christ.

    React to the black mask bro

  • Catharine Chen
    Catharine Chen

    This was a great one! Bring these guys back again at the same time!

  • Niranjan sahoo
    Niranjan sahoo

    Watch Krrish 3

  • MajinBooze

    By the way it was proven many times Frank Dux blatantly lied about his kumite success. In fact most most of his career was a lie. He was good but nowhere near as good as he made out. Also thanks for making my alexa Rick roll me.

  • Dozha Deville
    Dozha Deville

    "Flex!" Cut that clip cut that clip 🤣🤣

  • Evan Lindsey
    Evan Lindsey

    You should check out some older Japanese tokusatsu (special effects) shows. In the last 20 years, they've become more reliant on cg, but everything from 70s to the 90s have crazy wirework, pyro and smoke pots, vehicle stunts all wrapped up in a gaudy technicolor candy shell. Some of the older shows had dangerous stunts done without wires, and the star on one early show got injured filming stock footage (the man did his own stunts), and had to be temporarily replaced until his broken legs healed.

  • Caspar Bosch
    Caspar Bosch

    They showed shintaro for judo!? Let's go! Man is an absolute legend if you want to learn online.

  • Bryan Breton
    Bryan Breton

    As an accomplished competitive Judoka I can safely safe I will be performing 0 stunts anytime soon... 😁 [edit] please bring Aaron back on!

  • Fayceoff

    Y'all should have Arnold Chon and/or Jon Valera on as guests....

  • Fayceoff

    Frank Dux and his kumite story are 100% BS. Check out McDojoLife and Bullshido for details.

  • Fayceoff

    The reason JCVD's character wears a belt AND a sash in that scene is because the belt is his - his symbol of rank in his art - and the sash is for the tournament. It tells the ref which corner he belongs in when. Most tournaments and combat sports do that - from TKD to No-GI grappling to pro boxing/mma (color of gloves or tape on the gloves usually corresponds to the corner).

  • MainGoldDragon

    9:37 you can literally see the wire

  • No Clue
    No Clue


  • BenRangel

    You do let the classics off too easy like at 13:30 what is Bolo supposedly attempting here?

  • ghostofbase

    Do Bollywood stunts… stunts by Vidyut Jamwal are epic

  • Darryl Joudrey
    Darryl Joudrey

    Have you guys done Jean Claude Van Johnson Street Racing scene yet?

  • Joseph Fuller
    Joseph Fuller

    I wonder if Gui's name has a special meaning or whether his parents were really into computer programming and decided to call him GUI (Graphical User Interface) as a commentary on society.

  • Joseph Fuller
    Joseph Fuller

    Gui wants to see someone one fire being thrown through a window onto a truck? Alright, [grabs gas can, walks over to edge of balcony, calls truck driver] Well, I can do 2/3 of those. If I throw up a false wall at the edge of the balcony, maybe I can do all of them. It won't be part of a movie, but ..., nope, I wish I could give Gui what he wants to see but I'll leave that to the professionals.

  • Elsie Doomhammer
    Elsie Doomhammer

    It's a damned shame that all of these badass technical stunts get wasted on some BS political propaganda like Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Just gross

  • 1990skelly

    A punch to the ear I really good for disorienting an opponent. Was taught that in security but haven't had to use it. Aparantly it forces the brain to focus on the impact for whatever reason.

  • NicolaiAAA

    lol I love watching these stunt experts get all kid-in-a-candy-store excited over a stunt scene. xD

  • UnwashedHeathen

    Lol at them actually thinking Frank Dux' stories were real. This was ALL a scam by him. It's documented.


    Frank Dux, as far as I read, was a fraud, and the story on which the movie Bloodsport was based on, wasn't real as well. No evidence of anything he has stated about himself hasn't been proven anywhere, neither his military record, his martial arts teacher, as well as the tournament. His stories were changed by him over time as well.

  • Zzay 334
    Zzay 334


  • Zazzoto (Riju)
    Zazzoto (Riju)

    React to American Gods intro scene and scene transitions.

  • jort koolen
    jort koolen

    would love to see more reacts with the two of these!!

  • ItWasMe DIO!!!
    ItWasMe DIO!!!

    Why not try vidyut jamvals commando 3 fight sequence

  • Unspeakable Peeps
    Unspeakable Peeps

    9:30 Yup this is definitely a Hong Kong movie.

  • Capn Geech
    Capn Geech

    Please check out the stunts in US Marshalls. Specifically Wesley Snipes’ character jumping off a building & then jumping onto a moving train

  • Mark Haswell
    Mark Haswell

    You guys should watch some UK cheese rolling. Just want to see the stuntmen/women respond to the injuries.

  • Georgia D.
    Georgia D.

    The mask of Zoro 54 min 48 sec, jumping from a roof! How did the stuntman not break his legs???

  • joe sharpe
    joe sharpe

    Stuntmen react to Jackass?


    You guys should react to the basketball scene from Escape From L.A, where Kurt Russell makes every shot, including the full court shot, for real.

  • Lenox ́
    Lenox ́

    Have you reacted to the trailer that crushes the mustang in 2fast 2furious?

  • big boss bob ross
    big boss bob ross

    “Close quarters combat” >cuts to Boss v Ocelot in MGS3 Whoever edited this: I love u

  • thexbigxgreen

    Yes... Frank Dux was a "real" "martial" "artist"...

  • Ivan DQ Balendra
    Ivan DQ Balendra

    Stuntman react: Home Alone Edition?

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson

    Spider-Man But Tobey Maguire Spidey v Bonesaw.

  • Rodney Schmidt
    Rodney Schmidt

    Has anyone suggested the ASSASSINS CREED parkour scene to leap of faith?

  • flowah777

    Do both Mortal Kombat movies!!!

  • sean painter
    sean painter

    i just watched a movie called redeemer and i would love for you guys to take a look at it its a spanish martial arts film and every fight scene is worth its weight in gold. hearing a professional breakdown would be amazing

  • Jeffrey DeRouen
    Jeffrey DeRouen

    Mile 22 (on netflix) Fight scene in the hospital room! Pleases its awesome!! (38:50)

  • Jeffrey DeRouen
    Jeffrey DeRouen

    Mile 22 (on netflix) Fight scene in the hospital room! Pleases its awesome!! (38:50)

  • Jeffrey DeRouen
    Jeffrey DeRouen

    Mile 22 (on netflix) Fight scene in the hospital room! Pleases its awesome!!

  • Ruairi McEvoy
    Ruairi McEvoy

    Have you looked at The Raid or Gangs of London yet? Apologies if so, I'm a late comer so working through the back catalogue.

  • Birksy1986

    Can you guys react to an Australian show called “Mr Inbetween”, S1 E1, the first 3 mins a guy has a huge fall.

  • Kerim Eminovic
    Kerim Eminovic

    i absolutely love when you guys do stuntmen/women react because they are always so positive and they make me happy

  • Winston Hood
    Winston Hood

    Pleeease next time react to the first fight scene in Highlander. That movie is so random...

  • Bennington Ablin
    Bennington Ablin

  • Edward Bavaria
    Edward Bavaria

    Please do any fight or stunt choreography from The Crow

  • jeremy yaqub
    jeremy yaqub

    The next time you do a stuntmen reacts video, you need to check out 'The Hunt' from last year. The final fight between Hilary Swank and Betty Gilpin.

  • Aparajit sivakumar
    Aparajit sivakumar

    Can you do TENET next?? Pleasee

  • Oskar Stein
    Oskar Stein

    Please explain how they filmed the scene in Tom Clancy’s No Remorse, where the guy got ran over with the van in the beginning

  • TheMelloBuddha

    Bulletproof Monk would be a great watch

  • DerHausmann

    I did Kali! Cool to hear something bout that :)

  • Jacki Román
    Jacki Román

    I know you’ve talked about Mandalorian chapter 14, but there’s one stunt that you omitted and is positively GNARLY. Around the 14 minute mark a stormtrooper gets whacked and falls down some rocks. My guess is a real stunt person does the fall and they CGI their neck snapping...

  • Big Suv
    Big Suv

    What about something from District 13? French film with lots of Parkour and fighting!

  • The Official Harsh Mahadik!
    The Official Harsh Mahadik!

    You should to Robot 2.0 movie's last fight scene on Bollywood reactions those are some really good ass fx.

  • Jessica lodge
    Jessica lodge

    Mask of Zorro! People are jumping off of buildings, onto horses, standing on horses and jumping over tree branches. There is a scene where young Zorro jumps from a building to land on his horse, and the horse moves. The guy knee lock lands on the ground 😬😬😬

  • Pedro Garcia
    Pedro Garcia

    Bring Richard Cetrone!!

  • BigDawg6996

    You guys should review any scene from Jet Lis unleashed. The first few minutes are pretty solid. They really portray that "jet li is a beast" idea in your head pretty quick lol

  • Trevor Austin
    Trevor Austin

    I'm new to the channel, and I totally subscribed! I wanted to watch all of your stuntmen videos before I made a recommendation. Could you look at Vin Diesel's XXX. The dirt bike explosion ramp is crazy! I think you'll find it interesting.

  • sneh mehta
    sneh mehta

    You guys should do a stuntmen rank the best 'blown away by explosion' stunts!

  • Mason A
    Mason A

    At 6:39 Wesley Snipes sword can be seen bending as it whips around. Is this a bendable soft prop? Or an artifact of angular motion in camera recordings? @corridorcrew

  • Seekah

    I think batman begins has batman on fire jumping out a window onto a truck, cant remember exactly its definitely in one of the nolan trilogy

  • henrikthornqvist45

    Guys! You should do a review of "Gangs of London " fight scene. Especially the barfight. Great serie and also take a look at the "farm shootout" scene. That's gold! Keep up the great work you do! Cheers from Sweden!

  • M Nuhi
    M Nuhi react this on ur next stuntmen react

  • Tyree Lampkin (ty)
    Tyree Lampkin (ty)

    There NEEDS to be a stuntmen reacts to WWF/WWE greatest moments ASAP!!

  • Daniel Holaway
    Daniel Holaway

    Please react to Summer Glau in her Firefly/Serenity/terminator scenes!

  • Emilio Barrios
    Emilio Barrios

    You should react to the airport scene on LiarLiar

  • Katie Waltemyer
    Katie Waltemyer

    Can you talk about the stunt where they fly into the helicopter on wing suits? There’s a great featurette on the marvel ISdowns channel about it but they dont address that scene. Thanks!

  • Sha Yo
    Sha Yo

    always love when Gui is on. Any friend of Gui is afriend to meeee!! Heeheee~

  • MrTimm

    @Corridor Crew react to the fight scenes of The Raid and The Raid 2 with Stuntmen React to

  • agus yudiyanto
    agus yudiyanto

    Please talk about the jackie chan dragon lord stunt where people are stacking up on top of each other

  • Paulo F. Marques
    Paulo F. Marques

    Please, react to Brad Pitt vs Eric Bana in Troy, 2004.

  • Spencer Trimble
    Spencer Trimble

    It would be great to see a breakdown of Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. Some of the stunts seem to be done by Robert himself.

  • Katye Mitchell
    Katye Mitchell

    Would love to see reactions to Blacklist.

  • VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)
    VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)

    Great video