VFX Artist Reveals TRUE Scale of Attack on Titan!
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Wren dives deep into exploring the sense of scale in the anime Attack on Titan. The Corridor Crew put a lot of effort and long hours into making this one, as you can tell by the large amount of VFX.

Shoutout to two artists who helped make it happen!!
Lucas Knepper provided the Armored Titan and you can find him on twitter at twitter.com/LucasTom21
ChunkkaDraws provided us with a Colossal Titan! He made more too but we unfortunately couldn't fit them in the video. twitter.com/SketchDasher

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    Matt blue leaf reactions

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    the refrigerator of unbreakable honesty

    This made me feel AOT like attack on nba players

  • Elijah Pennington
    Elijah Pennington

    I never realized the scale discrepancy since the U.S. education system hardwired me for the imperial system, though looking back I'm not sure how I missed it. I will say I think Titan's would be just as imposing in real life because although they are small compared to the things we've built, they still tower of us as individuals. I did the math and the colossal titan still comes out to the size of a 14 story building.

  • William Morris
    William Morris

    10 minutes of strait fact’s

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    Dang Khoa Nguyen Trinh

    Rod reis is gangsta until he sees the final episode that hasn't aired yet.

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    **Do not read the comments if you haven’t finished the manga, i repeat : do not read the comments if you haven’t finished the manga**

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    Mallu uke

    0:10 its a story of titan vs human😜 You have no idea what else is

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    roblox gaming with tom 😎

    Erens founding titan is 360 Meters to 600 Meters.

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    roblox gaming with tom 😎

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    roblox gaming with tom 😎

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    roblox gaming with tom 😎

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    the official Yashiro

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    Shayaan the Cheeta

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  • Erwin Iskandar
    Erwin Iskandar

    Fun fact: Godzilla in Godzilla vs Kong isn’t 120 meters tall Godzilla is actually 190.8 meters tall

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    Denmark pascual✔️

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    Satoshi Cukkagu

    I think the live action movie would have better ratings if Corridor Crew was hired to animate the titans

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    these size vids are awesome. you should collab with games workshop and do one for their knights and Titans =D

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    Eren Yeager

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    Mysterious_ Gaming5158

    Think the colossal titan is big? Check out eren's skeletal founding titan form, 350 metres Edit: BTW Rod reiss or Rod riess i forget but he's the same size as godzilla. Oh sh-

  • Yourlocal weebrat
    Yourlocal weebrat

    i would literally pee my pants and then die if i was in aot

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    Nicholas Cain

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    Auren Niu

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    Auren Niu

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    • 𝗢𝗻𝗲

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    YouTube channel

    This has 6.9 million views. Nice

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    Balen Barzan

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    You know who’s also around 5’3 Simo Häyhä (hope I spelled that right)

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    akage tobimaru

    I agree with you... I always wonder why the wall was only 50metres when it looks like 200 or 150 metres tall....due to it towering all those 3 to 4storeyed building.... But yeah it's alright... let's just enjoy the show

  • Aroni Freddy
    Aroni Freddy

    Lol Kong and Godzilla see colossal Titan as a nuisance

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    Rink the red Link

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    da baby

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    Fearless Chris

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    Ethan Pereira

    The thing that makes me rage is that he is using the dubbed version instead of the sub version

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    Sayon Chakraborty

    Rip to the cameraman,,,he was a good man

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    Nathan Borak

    4:28 - no, the difference still increases as a power law. Not everything that's big is exponentially big. Still big though.

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    Emma Hanway

    My friends Home Screen is a quote “give up on your dreams and die” by Levi Ackerman

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    Stranger Formers

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    Tallest Titan is Colossal Titan Eren founding Titan : 🤨 what

    • 𝗢𝗻𝗲


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    jotaro kujo

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    Jairus Anahaw (Jai)

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    Carmen David

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    Like the video and all, neat to see them in scale, just hoping the Japanese names were mispronounced on purpose, right?...

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    Caidan Nguyen

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    Ibrahim Sillah

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      Ibrahim Sillah

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    The name’s Denki Kamanari

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  • just another day in the survey corps :/
    just another day in the survey corps :/

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  • just another day in the survey corps :/
    just another day in the survey corps :/

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    Christine Naysh Suarez

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    Idiotic Character

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    Jai Jaini

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  • Jai Jaini
    Jai Jaini

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    Poopy head ylani

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    Bhaswati Talukdar

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    History is my specialty

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    CC ORN

    The colossal titan is not the largest the largest is probably erens founding titan and also I think the second one is probably rod Rees pure titan


      Bruh, this video was created way before erens founding titan, plus he didint take anything from the manga either.