Animators React to Bad & Great ANIME
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Niko and Wren sit down once again with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst anime in pop culture today.

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  • Moon서영

    Great stuff! Not really a specific animation thing, but I know that ghost in the shell's fish-eye perspectives really stood out to me👍 (mostly to credit of mamoru oshii)

  • SpongeBuff

    Ghost in the Shell has some ahead of its time kind of animation that can always impress animators

  • Rehi Marshall
    Rehi Marshall

    Tittains:attack Humans:send levie Levie:here I come Titain s:runnnnnnnnnn [they all get baybladed ]

  • Taeyeonni

    Anything by Ufotable. Cg + 2d. Great work.

  • Not Anyone Ever
    Not Anyone Ever

    Redline has some of the most impressive frame by frame animation that exists in anime. Only took 7 years to make.

  • Andrew

    Demon slayer tanjirou vs rui

  • zenostiel

    why do you guys in the comments act like you are professionals lol just some random dudes writing comments as if they are pro animation critics. Just enjoy the shows damn idiot weebs.

  • Simon “Saii” Oidi
    Simon “Saii” Oidi

    They should react to demon slayer EP 19

  • Divyansai Kesavarthanan
    Divyansai Kesavarthanan

    Bobiboy the movie 2

  • Ghost face
    Ghost face

    Naruto and Sasuke vs momoshiki that shit was lit I assure Yall won't be disappointed

  • Joshibala Mutum
    Joshibala Mutum

    S4part 2 be like just wait u guys!

  • nathaniel delossantos
    nathaniel delossantos

    u should try reacting to zoros purgatory onigiri,that episode is firee

  • Dorian Mead
    Dorian Mead

    You should react to love death robots, the animation is some of the best animations I have seen in my life

  • Minouzz

    demonslayer has neat animation

  • Max

    Please react to: Tailing Missions from the NPC's Perspective by Joel Haver

  • frozensoda (justvoidless)
    frozensoda (justvoidless)


  • ACEsenpai OFFICIAL
    ACEsenpai OFFICIAL

    Please please react on One Piece Luffy vs Katakuri

  • kasenboi

    Akira the movie you can feel life everywhere

  • hinoshin art
    hinoshin art

    My faivorate animations are Dbz Jujutsu kaisen Attack on titan including s4 Naruto ( only sasuke vs naruto )


    erens founding titan when he sees a human: *oh a ant *stomps* *

  • MS Dawnga
    MS Dawnga

    One piece....! One piece One piece One piece

  • cool guy
    cool guy

    one punch man

  • Brian Suheru
    Brian Suheru

    Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai) is probably the anime that utilises 2D and 3D so well back in the old days

  • Nayzubirie

    Demon Slayer!

  • Racer 2031
    Racer 2031

    Rengoku's 9th form!

  • Rengoku Kyojuro
    Rengoku Kyojuro

    You guys should have added 'Demon Slayer'.

  • Thoticcus Prime
    Thoticcus Prime

    the cgi titans look like trash,dont care what anyone thinks about it. Its like looking at 160p vs 720p

  • Dzairi

    They need to react to Naruto and Sasuke vs momoshiki

  • PlayerofRavens

    I think they should look into Obsolete anime series, which also has 3d-looking animation..

  • Prince Ocean
    Prince Ocean

    Deku100% vs the mask vilian guy fight scene was whow

  • Omkar Gosavi
    Omkar Gosavi

    Man u should react to "fate stay heavens fury" one of the best animated series, it's just superb in quality


    please review Junji Ito art. manga and anime.

  • sheogorath deadric Prince of madness
    sheogorath deadric Prince of madness

    Tokyo ghoul I don't have a specific clip but it has a beautiful style and the way it shows the unique anatomy of anime and the art is wonderful if it's already been done then kimetsu no yaiba aka demon slayer for its wonderful art style it's so beautiful again no specific clip in mind so many are running through my head

  • Garbage Gibbage
    Garbage Gibbage

    Golgo 13: The Professional (1983) The first notable use of CGI in anime, the infamous helicopter scene.

  • Mason Galeas
    Mason Galeas

    Anyone notice that one punch man looks like Caillou a lot

  • Rena GM
    Rena GM

    I’ll say one of my favorites in terms of animation and story is the fight of Gintoki vs Takasugi on Gintama

  • Texas Rebel
    Texas Rebel


  • Val Ent
    Val Ent

    CGI is hard to execute but Land of the Lustrous and beastar from orange studio give me hope ✨

  • Tokyo

    Fun fact: that Levi chase scene took 4-6 months to animate the scene alone not the episode

  • Mishono Yukisaki
    Mishono Yukisaki

    You guys NEED to do Naruto Shippuden/Boruto.

  • Marco Casado
    Marco Casado

    Please do Demon Slayer

  • フォス is Clumsy
    フォス is Clumsy

    No fate? They’d be losing it man

  • Miracle

    react kimetsu no yaiba (the demon slayer) episode 19 last battle scene . it has a great shot and animation and effect edit (after watching this) : i think the other major thing that most of the toxic fans really hate is the character drawing in S4. they have different face proportion / drawing compared the other season before.

  • Kevin

    Everyone in the comments saying one punch man, demon slayer, fate series, violet evergarden......I wanted them to react to Escanor vs Meliodas fight .

  • Alessandro Randazzo
    Alessandro Randazzo

    Land of the Lustrous - An entirely CGI anime that looks good and takes full advantage of its medium.

  • -Attack of the youtube copyright bots-
    -Attack of the youtube copyright bots-

    i see nothing bad clickbait

  • BlazingSpirit

    I wonder where mastar media is 🤔

  • M. Vallejo
    M. Vallejo

    Wish dragon (2021)

  • It’s Chenzilla
    It’s Chenzilla

    Should react to vivy fluorite eye song next! Same studio that made AOT season 1-3 and all the fight scenes in that show are amazing!

  • Nur Hakim
    Nur Hakim

    You should react to ExArm I'm curious about your reaction on that anime

  • Paras Jain
    Paras Jain

    Demon slayer

  • Yuosuf joestar
    Yuosuf joestar

    Fate stay night heavens feel, have the best animation

  • Yuosuf joestar
    Yuosuf joestar

    3gatsu no lion. Have a very great animation and art style

  • Ali Shaikh
    Ali Shaikh

    100% recommend demon slayer the animation is very beautiful

  • Nika Rus
    Nika Rus

    You want groundbreaking. (taking the meaning as, started off and laid the groundwork for a practice still used decades later) Macross, and the Itano Circus Started off they just wanted aircraft to shoot several missiles at once, and have them weave around the screen to add visual appeal. Now, decades later. Still appears in animation constantly. Other mech shows, Naruto, superhero shows. It's actually funny to me as it's such a staple of animation now that it even shows up in western shows like Invincible. For not so groundbreaking, and generally untalked about (for various reasons. But a big one is that there is a sequence in the film that is rather problematic) the air combat scenes at the end of Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise are great.

  • Stone

    Imagine rtx titan

  • ItzBuckk

    Bleach animation is goated

  • The One
    The One

    Fr fr gouf vs ez8

  • Diego H
    Diego H

    jujutsu kaiden has great picture and perspective

  • Dahtrip “Trip”
    Dahtrip “Trip”

    One piece

  • Alex

    disliked for using the dub. Sorry, boys, but that's a crime against humanity.

  • Sourin Bhattacharjee
    Sourin Bhattacharjee

    10:54 -- wait, it's Eren's second transformation, and in the case more than 1 time Titan transformation the Titan gets smaller in size. Probably that's the reason.

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      9:49 jean standing next to eren's head is the same size as when hanji stand beside eren's head on season 2 episode 6

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      no it was clearly a mistake

  • Rapid Trap
    Rapid Trap

    Houseki no Kuni

  • Rayhan Miah
    Rayhan Miah

    Demon slayer

  • Jake Fairley
    Jake Fairley

    The movie Redline is a must, every frame is it's own piece of art I really feels like a manga come to life

  • Michał Żyła
    Michał Żyła

    I've just watched Perfect Blue for the first time and IT BLOWED MY MIND, I'd love to see Your take on some of Satoshi Kon stuff

  • S.Vishwakhartha

    violet evergarden is probably the best animated anime

  • X127 Abdul Hadi
    X127 Abdul Hadi

    Just do fate series it hurts my head to figure out

  • savedchesne

    I'd say one piece is groundbreaking because it has so much emotion in its episodes, and can get you so hype from fight scenes, just from the amazing bond luffy has with his crewmates.

    • savedchesne

      @Raywa I mean yeah obviously, but its not always about animation. Just cuz the animation isn't the best doesn't mean the show itself isn't good.

    • Raywa

      wano has good animation but other arcs not so much, we all gotta admit that

  • bengemations

    a few animes with great animation: demon slayer, mob psycho 100, and one punch man

  • 毎

    Jujutsu Kaisen i think that really worked so well in their animation and their approach to the perspectives and fight scenes being so dynamic and enjoyable (and they won Anime of the year 2021)

  • Salmon boy Li
    Salmon boy Li

    The fate franchise has some pretty good animations, i recommend checking it out.

  • 毎

    i love this, but i just love japanese dub too much that hearing the english dub feels so weird

  • Jodie Jo
    Jodie Jo

    i swear rhats adam sandlar ????

  • Moises Mendoza
    Moises Mendoza

    Ground breaking anime’s: AKIRA & Perfect blue Why? Why not.

  • Tim

    basically all of fate made by ufotable

  • sariusmonk

    You guys covered One Punch Man vs Genos? That animation is siiiiiiiiick

  • Mechagodzilla

    They need a video on the animation style of Godzilla: Singular Point anime because it’s awesome!

  • pog Rohan Kishibe
    pog Rohan Kishibe

    Jotaro vs dio and Josuke Higashikata vs Yoshikage Kira best fight seen

  • JLT Yes
    JLT Yes

    CG titans starting from season 2 have been a let down. They should just be given more time to do a season.

  • JLT Yes
    JLT Yes

    Mob Psycho. Crazy animation from season one and two. Studio Bones

  • jdp 90five
    jdp 90five

    Adam Sandler knows his anime.

  • BeePeeEen

    Naruto & sasuke vs momoshiki Trevor vs Death Castlevania

  • AnimeKing 2020
    AnimeKing 2020

    Ufotable is watching this video

  • Gio Jab's misadventures with life
    Gio Jab's misadventures with life

    My favorite channel talkinhg about my favorite anime gundam? YESSSSSSSSS

  • parth raghuwanshi
    parth raghuwanshi

    I feel bad for anyone who watched this before watching AOT. Yeah, you can't understand anything that's happening without context but it still is a spoiler.

  • Daniel Denmon
    Daniel Denmon

    Final Space is a terrible show but it has some pretty good animation, for what the show is.

  • Thuya Nyan
    Thuya Nyan

    Jotaro VS Dio please react to this

  • Renashi 012
    Renashi 012

    Alright... If you guys are making this a series, would want to recommend some of Ufotable studio works. Although... I'm not good at taking any specific scene, you could react either from the Fate Series like Shirou's Nine lives blade scene or the Opening of Tsukihime Remake. Edit: Forgot to mention Kyoto Animation. That studio is one of the best in making very good 2D animation such as Violet Evergarden, Kara no Kyoukai and Hibike Euphurium. Probably recommending the pond jumping scene in Violet Evergarden.

  • Brage Strand
    Brage Strand

    You should look at flåklypa gran prix (pinchcliff gran pix) its a Norwegian stop motion film from 1977. It was the inspiration for the podrace in star wars

  • FleexFox

    Oh, please do Land of the Lustrous! That show is basically textbook example of CG done right with great blending and transitions between 2D and 3D animation. I'm actually surprised it wasn't brought up since Alex is primarily a CG animator.

  • Veon

    Mappa had to speed make s4, thats why cgi is used for titans

  • Naaz

    Plz do a demon slayer breakdown

  • Exself

    Oh shi.. fu.. damn!! I forgot how cringy dubbed anime sounds.

  • Kirina Jeanne ENOi
    Kirina Jeanne ENOi

    show this to those who said Mappa quality like shyt. they didn't know how hard to animated one scene into anime. plus they couldn't even draw Levi nose correctly but bark to people and blaming them like bruhh... 😒

  • Jasper Adrielle
    Jasper Adrielle

    Boruto Episode 65 it's fast paced and it has a great sound track on background and the animation is fluid

  • Hackermann

    i always forget that Spiderverse is actually 3d.

  • Isaac Chuah
    Isaac Chuah

    Mob psycho!

  • AkiJipang

    And you should check the Fate series fighting scene, it a great CGI animation

  • AkiJipang

    Fan fact: Gundum UC is all drawn by hand even tho it’s a Robot Anime And it’s crazy good