VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 45
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Niko and Wren are joined by Felix Jorge from Happy Mushroom to sit down to break down the best (and worst) VFX in your favorite Hollywood movies!

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  • konohahurricane07

    As good as Ian's work is, it still LOOKS 100% CG. Not once did I think something in it was practical besides the humans.

  • DESI-F0

    OMG!! THAT was insane,I mean it👏👏

  • xMasterFobenx

    Wow, this episode has been so informative thanks to Felix‘ insights, love it!

  • juicyNathan

    Спасибо за видео, коммент в благодарность

  • MyroAngelo Gaudiel
    MyroAngelo Gaudiel


  • Fallen

    Kept seeing the raycon paid promotions in videos so I decided to buy airpods pro ;)

  • TacoHorse

    Thanks to Felix for taking the time to do this, its awesome to hear insight from someone who worked on the actual scenes.

  • Dion Anderson
    Dion Anderson

    Wow Ian’s work is something else 😱

  • Nebu Jin
    Nebu Jin

    10:54 is she 210cm tall, or did the artist fuck it up :s? the car looks way too small, or she just too big.

  • Shanmuga Sundaram
    Shanmuga Sundaram

    Can you please watch 'I am legend' movie.. starring:'will Smith' and tell me whether the dog.. 'Sam' is VFX or not??

  • Aaron Alexander
    Aaron Alexander

    Ben10 Movie transformation vs cartoon transformation

  • TXF

    I wish I could be as like..into it... as Ian is. I don't make films or anything that crazy, I just draw. But usually I can't even get myself to work on getting better, I can't get myself to finish a drawing. I sketch something, and stop. I rarely put in the work to get better, which I NEED to do seeing as I at least wanna get into doing commissions. I love drawing and making art. But I just can't get myself hyped to actually DO anything. Like, once or twice a week, I'll grab my tablet, do a couple sketches (which, mind you, I have like NO imagination, so it's usually super boring characters just standing around), and then I quit until next week. It's not that I don't WANT to draw. I'm always thinking about art. I watch a movie or play a game, and I'm looking at the composition, I'm looking at anatomy, I'm looking at how clothing is wrinkling, how things are lit up, at the shadows and reflections, I'm looking at the backgrounds and stuff, or even just facial expressions and hand positions. I'm ALWAYS thinking about art. But when it comes time to actually draw something, I just can't get myself to push.

  • Tenn Seven
    Tenn Seven

    Every time I see John Favreau: GUTTER!

  • Jason Urias
    Jason Urias

    What ever happened to that dude with glasses that would react whit them

  • Zach the Sports Guy
    Zach the Sports Guy

    I still can't believe they feel the need to do a 3rd season of the Mandalorian

  • Nfn Kalyan
    Nfn Kalyan

    The Leviathan -- Teaser by rauri robinson. please have a look on youtube



  • Chris Chen
    Chris Chen

    Have you guys seen isdowns.info/lift/uKmtpGmjn6ifm5o/v-deo ?

  • Eric Cheeke
    Eric Cheeke

    Can you guys do an episode about basically any short from Love, Death and Robots.

  • Justin

    You guys should do Starship Troopers , some good cgi on there.

  • Bruno


  • c0d13n3

    Please please please do an episode on Love Death and Robots from Netflix? Honestly any episode but the Space ep with Michael B Jordan, “The Witness” is another good choice? They all have such a unique vibe they could be an extra long episode. Love watching every week! Can’t wait for more.

  • Ethan Gillies
    Ethan Gillies

    Do, What Dreams May Come? how did they do that in 1998?

  • BeePOP


  • ImperfectBalance

    Davy Jones from Potc

  • mala

    Could you guys take a look at the funky demon stuff from 47 Ronin

  • TacticalTim

    React to the scene in the Loki series where he gets put in slowmotion but people in realtime interact with him

  • Rahul Kerur
    Rahul Kerur

    You guys should do Deep Impact

  • kushagra bhardwaj
    kushagra bhardwaj

    Can you please do stuntman react of Bollywood move Commando 2013

  • kushagra bhardwaj
    kushagra bhardwaj

    Can you please do stuntman react of Bollywood move Commando 2013

  • kushagra bhardwaj
    kushagra bhardwaj

    Can you please do stuntman react of Bollywood move Commando 2013

  • kushagra bhardwaj
    kushagra bhardwaj

    Can you please do stuntman react of Bollywood move Commando 2013

  • kushagra bhardwaj
    kushagra bhardwaj

    Can you please do stuntman react of Bollywood move Commando 2013

  • kushagra bhardwaj
    kushagra bhardwaj

    Can you please do stuntman react of Bollywood move Commando 2013

  • SpongeHero28 (SpongeHero28)
    SpongeHero28 (SpongeHero28)

    I wasn't going to say this originally cuz there was only a few but now that there are multiple videos out you guys should try and have a look at the work done on the recent trailers for black ops cold war. They put a lot of effort into those trailers its almost nuts sometimes. You could even add a little bonus clip from one of the older black ops 2 trailer featuring Robert Downey junior lol. Just an idea tho!

  • Tom Freeman
    Tom Freeman

    I’d love to see you guys react to the Doctor Who episode ‘the Lazarus Experiment’

  • Curtis Imhof
    Curtis Imhof

    I would like to see you guys react to the Verizon "the reset" commercial

  • Michael Rios
    Michael Rios

    Season 2 Episode 3 of love death and robots!

  • Alexander Feterman
    Alexander Feterman

    "Ian Hubert [...] a Blender god" He is amazing. Definitely an inspiration for the community.

  • The Wesinator
    The Wesinator

    I think a good example of a bad virtual environment would probably be the cliff by the ocean from Thor Ragnarok. It’s super weird cause I’m the trailers it’s a New York Alley. That’d be a good one to react to in order to see what went wrong.

  • Peter Nouwen
    Peter Nouwen

    Hell, I'm late as f*** with my suggestion for a VFX-artists react... But I'm going to put it in anyway... 🤞 Could you take a look at the VFX at the Eurovision interval-act by Davina Michelle? (link: isdowns.info/lift/vIXQnnuefYZkbJo/v-deo) I also checked the making-off, and I was most surprised by how much of the environment was NOT cgi! The wave: CGI (of course), the flashes: CGI, the floodbarrier: real... (What the hell, they filmed on a live floodbarrier without green screen? Yes, they did...), the part in the wave: in real water (though I'm wondering how they kept Davina's hair 'in vertical mode'...) Anyway, here is a link to the making-of: isdowns.info/lift/m4a3rIiEiqh4bas/v-deo

  • Thalia Bristow
    Thalia Bristow

    I know you don't normally react to music videos, but the effects used to make Buddy Holly by Weezer have always impressed me and I still feel like they hold up today - I'd love to see your perspectives/reactions to it!

  • Pieter Deleye
    Pieter Deleye

    Suggestion! Please react to this youtuber's new video: Playing with time isdowns.info/lift/zKbSkJyVaJ-Zb5Y/v-deo&ab_channel=MacroRoomMacroRoomGeverifieerd A blend of different timing coming flawlessly together. Wondering how he did it!

  • O-Yama

    Hey i don't know if someone said this scene yet from star wars: The last jedi when vice-admoral holdo used lightspeed towards the enemy and destroyed all the ships it would be cool if you guys checked it out and explain it! Its probably one of my top favorites.

  • Crazy Larry
    Crazy Larry

    Day two. Please look at the muzzle blasts from "never grow old" P.S nieko made me obsessed with muzzle blasts

  • Crazy Larry
    Crazy Larry

    Day two. Please look at the muzzle blasts from "never grow old" P.S nieko made me obsessed with muzzle blasts

  • Crazy Larry
    Crazy Larry

    Day two. Please look at the muzzle blasts from "never grow old" P.S nieko made me obsessed with muzzle blasts

  • Adomas Juska
    Adomas Juska

    Can you react to the battlefield 2042 trailer

  • Hunter O'Guinn
    Hunter O'Guinn

    Fun to see a reaction too this isdowns.info/lift/zKbSkJyVaJ-Zb5Y/v-deo

  • ColochoRockstar

    Please Watch "The Third and The Seventh", it's on ISdowns. Also done by 1 guy and his PC, in 2009. It's fantastic!!

  • Simon Urrutia
    Simon Urrutia

    please react to the love death and robots new season !!!!

  • David García González
    David García González

    This has been one of my favorite episodes so far guys. You're amazing.

  • Mr. Art
    Mr. Art

    Love the channel and the content - But it makes me sad that you actually recommend literal trash (raycons) to your fans..

  • TK -1108
    TK -1108

    “Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” directed by Zack Snyder, 2010, day 161.

  • SeanzyBM

    Can you do the CGI in pixels? It’s pretty unique and really well done

  • Andy001z

    Wow Squarespace just ad-bombed your ad Jake. Unreal engine is just epic

  • diddid3684

    Michael Jackson’s Ghosts

  • Jax

    you guys should react to the old Coldplay music vid for their song up&up

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    i literally found ians channel yesturday and watched this today having no idea you guys knew him haha no one even reads my comments


    Director Shankar movies song


      From India

  • ApocBlack

    Review Macro Rooms’s video “Playing With Time” on ISdowns.

  • Error_404

    Do the new movie "Coma", also, "Love death and robots" maybe, "Spectral"

    • Error_404

      New "Mortal Kombat" movie

  • NC LEE
    NC LEE

    Kon-tiki (2012) shark-killing scene & parrot eaten by shark scene

  • plundyman

    You guys want impact? Momentum? action you can FEEL? Review Redline!

  • Josh Kirkman
    Josh Kirkman

    You guys should react to Towering Inferno. It’s basically a movie where a high rise catches fire and slowly rises. Amazing practical effects with fire and explosions

  • YiJoon Cho
    YiJoon Cho

    Ok so PLEASE talk about this video: isdowns.info/lift/zKbSkJyVaJ-Zb5Y/v-deo

  • TheSspezz

    Can you review pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest

  • Dabuddah453

    Animators and VFX reacts to Dragonball FighterZ

  • joey2099

    Hi corridor team! I have two reccomendations for you guys: for animators react, Tron Uprising, and for this segment, La venganza de Ultron, it's an avengers inspired ( still in the making) fan film from a guy in Venezuela, definitely check it out!

  • Kunegund

    Could you all take a look at Lucifer's final episode from s5 with the stunt people? They've given an extremely tall man a viking sword and half a polearm. It's very silly.

  • Naveen HS
    Naveen HS

    Please Review the Mattran tamil movie VFX shots

  • Ryan Pengilly
    Ryan Pengilly

    You should take a look at big shot episode 6 right at the end where the sign falls down 😋 🤟

  • Waldo YeEt
    Waldo YeEt

    Can we see VFX react to RIDDICK

  • arthur strulev (isquidguy)
    arthur strulev (isquidguy)

    Check out "Playing With Time" by Macro Room. The effects are pretty cool. I think you will enjoy it.

  • Universe Tech.
    Universe Tech.

    Please review The Rookies(2019) starting chopper scene.

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    this tech goes and how it develops even further.

  • Sophie Hoover
    Sophie Hoover

    I feel like I have seen all of these and have to ask...have you reviewed Kung Fury? It is a total CGI movie but the ACTION is also totally BOLYWOOD-like. Fits every category!

  • Tyler “Totalphoenix00”
    Tyler “Totalphoenix00”

    Please check out Riki-Oh!

  • Michael HUANG
    Michael HUANG

    Army of the Dead! Cleanest person insert I've seen and it's kind of crazy!

  • Sebastian Skywalker
    Sebastian Skywalker

    Y'all should react to the stunts in the 1990 tmnt movies

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops

      When Sam realised that Ian didn't made the movie completely with CGI, his face was a look to see 😄

  • Tatiana Ivancovich
    Tatiana Ivancovich

    isdowns.info/lift/m2_YoKOZa4ach8k/v-deo you should do one about cgi in 90s videoclips

  • Michael Tyrrell
    Michael Tyrrell

    React to Dracula Untold and Project Power

  • l___l___l___ l___
    l___l___l___ l___

    LOVE DEATH & ROBOTS!!! Do it! So much great content imo it’ll be a great video

  • The V Ohana
    The V Ohana

    You guys are great! Look into the 80s movies, Flight of the Navigator, Dragonslayer and Dune.

  • Martin Vašička
    Martin Vašička

    look at ALIEN VS. PREDATOR - this movie has weird framerate in action scenes

  • james victorio
    james victorio

    Hello, i know this is probably late, but right now is 4:34AM, I just finished my assignments that I need to submit and when I was about to sleep, I thought 'did Corridor Crew reviewed the movie 'Arthur and the Minimoys' yet? that thought is constantly revolving around my head and I can't peacefully sleep. so, here I am writing this comment to gain peace. thank you and goodbye.

  • Joseph Schaffner
    Joseph Schaffner

    dope stuff

  • Joe Burrow
    Joe Burrow

    You should react to the NBA “amazing” commercial, there is some very simple yet very cool visual effects

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    Ian is a legend. People who haven't watched his Lazy tutorials, go do that now. It's insane.

  • Alvin Chan
    Alvin Chan

    Please react to Night of the Museum 2!! XDD (everything coming to life)

  • tsruwsnah

    You guys should comment on Starship Troopers! There's an awesome blend of real props and CGI! And even though the movie is from '97 the CGI still holds up to this day! Here's some clips: isdowns.info/lift/25-kfIeDoX1_bpY/v-deo

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      Can you guys do a complete video on breaking down VFX of the Transformers series.

  • Kushagra Raj Patel
    Kushagra Raj Patel

    I suggest you to react on jalexrosa's video ...... He is an amazing artist and you will also appreciate his work after watching his videos .....

  • Kim In The Mix
    Kim In The Mix

    When Sam realised that Ian didn't made the movie completely with CGI, his face was a look to see 😄

  • Ingo Cernohorsky
    Ingo Cernohorsky

    Love your Reviews about CGI. Please take a look at the beginning of the Yamato Movie from 2019. It looks good, but I don't feel the size and weight of the battleship. Can you explain this?

  • Jerome Bauer
    Jerome Bauer

    Sam’s face reaction to the unreal virtual production thing was like the whole time: mindblowing.

  • cheeseUout

    can you guys tell me why the had to made Dick's arms so long in this falling death scene? isdowns.info/lift/0YuTnqGKhax8gs0/v-deo

  • curledone 59
    curledone 59

    Pls react to the shaggy da movie

  • Ember Hydra
    Ember Hydra

    11:38 holy shit he is good

  • Its Gonna Be Okay
    Its Gonna Be Okay

    I wonder if you guys ever reacted to chronicles of narnia. It aged so well!

  • Crazy Larry
    Crazy Larry

    Please look at the muzzle blasts from never grow old. P.S please 🥺